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We had brunch AGAIN at the awesome Nopa yesterday, and I’m continually reminded how very nearly perfect it is, especially during the day. One of these days… I’ll have to make it there for dinner!

This post reminds me of the Pig Party I attended a few years ago at Bloodhound, featuring Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats (and a compatriot or three) butchering a whole pig in front of us all, cutting it into it’s component parts, prepping them and grilling them off outside for us all… while we ate chicharrones and drank bourbon.

When a new dish came out, I felt like I finally understood the Biblical plague of locusts. Pig is the new black.

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About once a month, we celebrate an epic pig roast called porchetta. A hollowed out pig gets a garlic-rosemary schmear, a tight and expert roll from Chef Jossel, a few hours in the oven, and finally finds its way on the menu—typically on a Tuesday.

In  addition to make porchetta, Laurence was perhaps a stand-up comedian in a former life. Perhaps not audible, he flexes his sharp wit.

Me: Nice Scoring

Laurence: How can you not score with a piece of meat like this?

Me: :)

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